Last chapter

Some pictures of this new cockpit of mine forgetting time and space. In a week or two its done. Then I will visit each drawing again, looking for last repairs (will probably redo about 50 drawings or more) Back to work for now. This fresh white sheet in front of me has laughed in my face long enough. What will become of me when the artwork stops?

Back in business

As I told you before: This dark story is haunting my life with strange coincidence. Imagine: After living in the city of Utrecht for 16 years I had to move to unknown destiny. One late evening I was checking the online offers when I found what I was looking for: An old estate. Tired of it all I hit the submit button directly and guess what? One week later I was living in this manor looking out over trees an fields, only a few yards away from the farmhouse where this strange story started in 1996! I wished myself a haunted house and got one! Goodbye small town, hello great countryside. I’m back in business!


Picture the image above. The left figure is my original drawing but what happens if I mirror the artwork? It will become insecure and out of symmetry. If you are righthanded, the left image might look normal, if you are lefthanded, the right image might look normal. Why? Because of my handwriting. Lefthanded people and most people in Japan will see it! Sometimes the figure will show a contrary effect after correction. Drawings have a longhand too.

Short cut

Dialogue in car with 3 players. On paper: 4 cars, 12 players. In Photoshop: 1 car, 6 players. Translation dialogue: ‘It was predestination that we have met.’ ‘She believes in ghosts.’ ‘Ghosts…’

How Photoshop kills a nice drawing

Sometimes I still cannot believe it: I’ve got 200+ images but not one single ‘finished’ drawing on paper. I’ve got scanned drawings like this one in psd-format instead. The benefits are endless. For instance: it allows me to use any sketch instead of erasing it and try again. It allows me to change the size of the head later, add the other heads later, use different backgrounds. Fuck my mise-en-scène up. I can edit my work any time any place. The result is what counts. Let’s see what the digital part brings us.