Next few days I will be working on some dialogues. Talking heads are not very interesting from an eye-candy point of view. Will keep you posted anyway…

Mr Haye

While at work I found an old (2007) full-colour drawing: ‘The last moments of Mr. Haye’ Indeed: colour is nice but it will take me too much time…


People don’t believe in ghosts because of the enlightenment. I mean the literal enlightenment. The light in our streets and houses that makes us overconfident. The very moment this electric circuit shuts down, we will be seeing them again. Have you ever spend a night alone in a pitchdark forest? Try it, I assure you, they will be there.


In ‘the old days’ I used to be a purist. Tipp-ex was just not an option. Any failure resulted in throwing away the whole page, no matter how much work was lost. In the new days the drawing is no final product but a beginning. As a matter of fact I do not have one single finished drawing. It is all in the computer. The Photoshop document is the final product. It makes things much easier.

The Sky, the limit

Back in those days I painted skies in Aquarelle. Totday I take a ride in the countryside, snapshot some crazy clouds and shop them in the background. Call it lazy but to me a drawing is just like a word in a book: it may be a very bad or beautiful word, its function is to tell the story.


There is a flash of an image in my head and I want to put it on paper. During this proces it happens the result is different from the image in my head. Sometimes it is a better version but most of the times I have to start all over again.