Back in business

As I told you before: This dark story is haunting my life with strange coincidence. Imagine: After living in the city of Utrecht for 16 years I had to move to unknown destiny. One late evening I was checking the online offers when I found what I was looking for: An old estate. Tired of it all I hit the submit button directly and guess what? One week later I was living in this manor looking out over trees an fields, only a few yards away from the farmhouse where this strange story started in 1996! I wished myself a haunted house and got one! Goodbye small town, hello great countryside. I’m back in business!

Chateau de Noisy

And so we will be absorbed by oblivian, not only persons but buildings too. Chateau Noisy (or Chateau Miranda) collapses. World most beautiful haunted house turns into ruins in Belgium. Drawing the back, front and interior of this building I realize… it’s just too haunted to be true. I mean: if Disney would draw it this way I would not buy it.


When creating a graphic novel you may think the internet is indespensble for research and it is, but most online-information is only kneedeep. So hey! why not dive into ‘old-media’? Books! Hell yeah! ‘Death in the middle ages’ by T.S.R Boase (1974) ‘Magic of evil’ (Gilles de Rais) by Phillippe Reliquet (1982) and ‘A distant mirror’ by Barbara Tuchman (1980) helped me to dig deeper in the more darker hours of western civilisation history.


After two weeks of drawing talking heads (yawn) and people walking with their hands in their pockets (Quiet relevant scenes with interesting lyrics though) its about time for some action. Ouroboros is a Greek name for ‘tail-swallower’ but the symbol of the serpent eating its own tail is found all over the world. The Nordic mythological version of this animal is named Jǫrmungandr. As one of the three children of Loki and Angrboða this piece of snake grew so large that he was able to surround the earth and grasp his own tail. When he lets go, the world will end. Music: Den Fule – Nordafjells.


The Ouroboros is the worlds oldest symbol depicting a serpent eating it’s own tail. It represents the cyclic, re-creating reality of life. My story is not a frame- but a ring-story. Check my version of the Ouroboros in the image above. The snakes head is not on top of the ring (as it should be) but on its side. I could not draw a ring in this position, showing the snakes head at the same time so I solved the problem by drawing it this way. Don’t tell…