Days I wanna quit

Some days it seems that I am only able to produce monstrosities. Signs… Omens that tell me I’d better stop. That mankind would be better off without my ugly drawings.

Long time no see

As a kid I didn’t like comics with a lot of text. Text in comics is (most of the time) dialogue and dialogue means talking heads. In movies talking heads can be interesting because of the content of the dialogue, the acting of the characters or the editing. In comics talking heads are a boring and visual poor element. Some authors solve this problem by putting the whole dialoge in one long-shot. As I make my graphic novel for ‘screen’ I have to keep my dialogues as short as possible and concentrate on the ‘acting’ of my characters.

Ink it?

Off course Borro & Tjepan spend their spoils of war on drugs and whores. But why show it to the reader? Is it important? Sketches feel good… Wanna see it?


There is a flash of an image in my head and I want to put it on paper. During this proces it happens the result is different from the image in my head. Sometimes it is a better version but most of the times I have to start all over again.