Almost there

Long time no post. Ravenous is well translated in English by Jon Anderson. At this moment Eelke Feenstra en Juul Spee laying the last hand on the Ravenous app. The strange thing is: Once I was only satisfied at the very moment I could touch, smell and see the print album. Now i’m only satisfied… if it’s in the App-store! Within the next two weeks I hope! Keep you posted!


Beuningen December 20 2012. Mission accomplished. Finishing touched it several times so the infinite drawing has stopped. Was sucked into a black hole kind a thing but was saved by the next step: translation. No market or industry whatsoever in the Netherlands so I have to translate it to English before I launch the project. Will keep you posted!

Last chapter

Some pictures of this new cockpit of mine forgetting time and space. In a week or two its done. Then I will visit each drawing again, looking for last repairs (will probably redo about 50 drawings or more) Back to work for now. This fresh white sheet in front of me has laughed in my face long enough. What will become of me when the artwork stops?


Ey! Long time no post. Did I forgot the whole project? Nope! Stuck in the middle of a growing pile of pizzaboxes. Work like an animal. Can’t figure if dawn introduces morning or evening. Lost friends and family. But I’ve managed to finish no 32 of 40 scene’s. Straw/breaks/camel’s/back. Still about 200 drawings to go. The closer to the end of the story the less artwork I want to share with you. No idea how so, its stronger than me. No more movies and drawings but stay tuned, I will keep you posted. Got work to do.

Chateau de Noisy

And so we will be absorbed by oblivian, not only persons but buildings too. Chateau Noisy (or Chateau Miranda) collapses. World most beautiful haunted house turns into ruins in Belgium. Drawing the back, front and interior of this building I realize… it’s just too haunted to be true. I mean: if Disney would draw it this way I would not buy it.


Picture the image above. The left figure is my original drawing but what happens if I mirror the artwork? It will become insecure and out of symmetry. If you are righthanded, the left image might look normal, if you are lefthanded, the right image might look normal. Why? Because of my handwriting. Lefthanded people and most people in Japan will see it! Sometimes the figure will show a contrary effect after correction. Drawings have a longhand too.

How Photoshop kills a nice drawing

Sometimes I still cannot believe it: I’ve got 200+ images but not one single ‘finished’ drawing on paper. I’ve got scanned drawings like this one in psd-format instead. The benefits are endless. For instance: it allows me to use any sketch instead of erasing it and try again. It allows me to change the size of the head later, add the other heads later, use different backgrounds. Fuck my mise-en-scène up. I can edit my work any time any place. The result is what counts. Let’s see what the digital part brings us.


When creating a graphic novel you may think the internet is indespensble for research and it is, but most online-information is only kneedeep. So hey! why not dive into ‘old-media’? Books! Hell yeah! ‘Death in the middle ages’ by T.S.R Boase (1974) ‘Magic of evil’ (Gilles de Rais) by Phillippe Reliquet (1982) and ‘A distant mirror’ by Barbara Tuchman (1980) helped me to dig deeper in the more darker hours of western civilisation history.