Almost there

Long time no post. Ravenous is well translated in English by Jon Anderson. At this moment Eelke Feenstra en Juul Spee laying the last hand on the Ravenous app. The strange thing is: Once I was only satisfied at the very moment I could touch, smell and see the print album. Now i’m only satisfied… if it’s in the App-store! Within the next two weeks I hope! Keep you posted!

Back in business

As I told you before: This dark story is haunting my life with strange coincidence. Imagine: After living in the city of Utrecht for 16 years I had to move to unknown destiny. One late evening I was checking the online offers when I found what I was looking for: An old estate. Tired of it all I hit the submit button directly and guess what? One week later I was living in this manor looking out over trees an fields, only a few yards away from the farmhouse where this strange story started in 1996! I wished myself a haunted house and got one! Goodbye small town, hello great countryside. I’m back in business!

Move out

Have to move. My stuff in boxes. Unsure where to live. Unsure of place, time, peace of mind to work. Hate it but have to wait till crisis is over. Will continue as soon as possible. To to be continued.


Ey! Long time no post. Did I forgot the whole project? Nope! Stuck in the middle of a growing pile of pizzaboxes. Work like an animal. Can’t figure if dawn introduces morning or evening. Lost friends and family. But I’ve managed to finish no 32 of 40 scene’s. Straw/breaks/camel’s/back. Still about 200 drawings to go. The closer to the end of the story the less artwork I want to share with you. No idea how so, its stronger than me. No more movies and drawings but stay tuned, I will keep you posted. Got work to do.