Dear Apple review team


Dear Mr./Mrs.

Thank you for reviewing my app, however I was fairly disappointed with the result.

Comic artists prefere to work with a page-layout because they don’t draw their story’s for tablet, they draw them for print.

But why work with a page-layout any longer when I can present my drawings on a Retina screen?? It is a far better experience! Why should news sites look like a newspaper?

So I decided to make a graphic novel using the app as a platform. No pages involved but 600 drawings in 2048/1536 resolution. A display behaves different than a page, I had to think different, more movie-like.

Ravenous does certainly not want to be associated with print or hardcopy but is ment as a full fledged entertainment app. Each reader has to unlock the content by reading, scrolling next has to be earned, there are no chapters but ‘scenes’ behaving like levels, providing extra content.

Presented in ibook format I cannot offer this cinema-like environment nor its ergonomics and my concept becomes useless: I will be at page-level again.

Ravenous doesn’t want be a book It wants to be a next generation comic-experience for tablet.

I sincerely hope you will reconsider the app to be sold in the App Store.

Erik Menno van Os