Original Soundtrack

A modest playlist of music I’ve listened to while drawing. A dream soundtrack would be a collaboration between Burial & Martin Phipps.

23 Hz & Numaestro – Los Perros (rare)
Alcest – Beings of light cruelty
Aiden Baker – Loss of perspective
Air – Who am I now
Blackie & the Oohoos – Black Hole
Burial – In McDonalds
Burial – Night bus
Burial – Pirates
Burial – Southern comfort
Coil – A cold cell (Guide for beginners version)
Coil – Are you shivering
Coil – The Sea Priestess (redone)
Comixxx – Bear music
Current 93 – Black ships ate the sky
Fairmont – Last dance
Morton Feldman – Rothko chapel 2
Fields of the Nephilim – And There Will Your Heart Be Also
The fires of Ork – When the Night was Black
Jacaszek – Lament
Jacaszek – Martwa Cisza
James Harmon – Hellstorm
K Holes – Window in the wall
Paul Kalkbrenner – Far Away
The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble – Amygdhala
Ladytron – 90 Degrees
Ladytron – International Dateline
Dracula Lewis – Permafrost
Gyorgy Ligeti – Kyrie Molto Espressivo
Pierrot Lunaire – Gudrun (rare)
Noisia ft Amon Tobin – Sunhammer (DJ Edit)
Martin Phipps & The Mediavel Baebes – The Virgin Queen
Henry Purcell – Canzona
Henry Purcell – The Plaint (Emma Kirkby)
Marc Romboy Kenishii – Gosa
Shriekback – Hubris
OM – State of Non-Return
Pawel Szymanski – Lux Aeterna (rare)
Pawel Szymanski – Miserere (rare)
Psychic TV – In thee body
Raime – Exist in the Repeat of Practice
Raime – The Last Foundry
Cindy Talk – Memories of skin and snow
Unkle – Nocturnal

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